We deal with the structuring of projects and various assignments in observing the judicial framework by creating a legal environment that brings long-term benefits and efficient results.


  • Our advisory service coverage includes advice and assistance:

    • for the selection, establishment and maintenance of company or trust structures;
    • on the establishment and maintenance of foundations;
    • for establishment of financial institutions and licensed investment vehicles;
    • in establishing or to restructure international or offshore operations;
    • on corporate structuring and international tax planning;
    • on domestic and overseas property ownership;
    • on contractual matters, billing and other day-to-day affairs of corporate structures;
    • with representation before any Government, supreme or local authority, public body, Government Department, firm or company (private or public);
    • with representation in official and/or unofficial negotiations, meetings, conferences with prospective and/or existing business associates and/or partners and/or correspondents and/or agents of our clients;
  • Through our Cyprus and international banking collaborations we offer our private and corporate clients, a complete and comprehensive range of banking facilities including:

    • personal accounts & corporate accounts;
    • private banking;
    • credit & debit card facilities;
    • electronically managed accounts (internet banking) and many more…
  • Our services coverage includes advice and assistance on:

    • designing effective cross-jurisdictional corporate structures involving multi-level structures;
    • corporate structuring for new business ventures;
    • corporate expansion or reorganization of existing operations.

    size and nature of the business – level of control/ownership – complexity of structure – tax implications

  • Company Formation (Cyprus, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands and other jurisdictions UPON REQUEST!);

    • Nominee services: shareholder, director, corporate secretary, registered office address;
    • Maintenance and upkeep of the statutory records and registers;
    • Maintenance of records and issuance of share certificates or other ownership instruments as appropriate;
    • Preparation and filing of annual returns;
    • Preparation, filing and payment of licence fees;
    • Legalization, certification and Apostille;
    • Translation services in all major languages;
    • Handling of correspondence with third parties and liaison with the various local, Governmental and regulatory Authorities as the case may be;
    • Preparation and filing of licence applications;
    • Corporate governance and international compliance;
    • Preparation and review of documentation, obtaining additional professional opinions and assistance in performing what is necessary for the smooth flow of operations;
  • Comprehensive Escrow Services to companies, corporations and private individuals, enabling personal and professional transactions to be undertaken by all parties with confidence and security.

    • flexible and customised approach;
    • tailored escrow solutions;
    • dedication, accuracy and speed;
    • legal support from start to finish.
  • hedge fund registration & management;

  • A company considering an initial public offer meets a number of challenges. We support our clients in meeting all the challenges of the preparatory phase and after the completion of the IPO such as:

    • Independent due diligence of companies necessary at the first stages of IPO preparation that helps to identify and minimize legal risks;
    • Assistance with planning and legal support on corporate restructuring that simplifies the IPO process and making it more cost-efficient;
    • Corporate management services after the completion of the IPO;
    • Cooperation in drafting and obtaining all necessary legal documentation;
    • Participation in negotiations with investors, lawyers, underwriters, investment banks, auditors, independent appraisers and depositories;

    We work in close cooperation with strategic business alliances and organizations, ensuring planning and coordination of all required legal work that helps to achieve a successful IPO.

  • Drafting & reviewing of multifarious legal documentation ranging from Letters, Minutes, Resolutions, Powers of Attorney to civil and commercial contracts, drafting, reviewing and following up on registration of collateral and guarantees under commercial agreements such as mortgages, special pledges, warrants and many more.

  • The areas of work handled by us include the following:

    • Due Diligence (evaluation of legal risks) on the acquisition/sale;
    • Assistance in real estate valuation;
    • Assistance in legal formalities and tax related matters;
    • Drafting, negotiation, interpretation and review of all the documents related to the acquisition/sale of the real estate including council of ministers approval application (for a non EU country), property sale-purchase agreement and etc.;
    • Real Estate litigation;
    • Post acquisition services in Cyprus: assistance in immigration matters
  • Through our associates we can provide you with following services, both locally and internationally:

    • advise on complex arbitration clauses;
    • advise on the conflict of laws issues;
    • to apply to stay proceedings brought in breach of arbitration clauses;
    • to act as counsel in arbitrations in any seat, under any law, and before any tribunal;
    • to enforce and resist enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments.
    • deal structuring;
    • due diligence;
    • negotiation support;
    • preparation and coordination of all supporting legal documentation;

    We encompass not only corporate aspects across various jurisdictions, but also many other areas that important in a structuring or restructuring assignment, e.g. international taxation matters and etc.

    – due diligence – corporate structure options – optimal shareholding structure – risks analysis –

  • In an increasingly complex and changing tax environment, planning and analysis can help minimize the impact of taxes on both your business and personal finances.

    Our mandate is clear: to understand your business and personal financial objectives, and to develop tax strategies consistent with those objectives, so you pay no more taxes than the law requires.
    Given our mandate, we take an extremely thorough approach. From inventory and depreciation methods, to helping select the optimal form of business, we look at any and every element that can have an impact on your total tax picture.

  • Trusts & Trust Formation;